My buddy Ray met Melinda at a bar and fell in love instantly. They got engaged after 3 months of dating and scheduled a wedding for 2 months later. Ray’s bachelor party in Florida was $17,000 and the groomsmen paid for it all, even though Ray makes over $400,000 a year as a Securities Trader.

Ray and Melinda were married in a lavish ceremony in bougie Bethesda, MD but they were definitely not ready for the lifetime commitment to each other. They announced at the wedding that they were expecting, and the marriage went downhill from there. Ray kept going out and partying while Melinda sat at home waiting for their child, and Ray constantly cheated with other women during the pregnancy. Melinda finally reached her breaking point soon after the baby arrived and filed for divorce. She collects $4,500 a month in child support and kept his prized possession, his waterfront home in Annapolis, MD.

I wish THE WEDDING WARRANTY existed back then because Ray’s entire groomsmen party would have bought one. I lost over $5,000 on the 18-month marriage. Ray has fallen in love since, but we have not let him plan any more extravagant parties or weddings because we spent so much on the first one.

- Dave Z, Groomsman, 2005


My friend David met Angela and dated her for 2 years before they were married. I had mixed feelings; David seemed happy, but I thought Angela was INSANE! My intuition would later prove correct.

Before they were married, they decided to live in her parents’ basement for a year to save up for a down payment on a house. I was in his wedding and spent $150 on a tuxedo, $250 on a wedding gift, and $400 on the bachelor party. $800 was a lot of money to spend on a wedding in Pittsburgh!

David and Angela bought their house together and started living happily ever after. Once or twice a month, David would work a late evening at his office. On one such day six months after the wedding, the power went out and he went home five hours early, excited to surprise Angela. He walked into his bedroom, and Angela was in bed with one of her old boyfriends from high school.

I would have purchased The Wedding Warranty to just be able to say “I told you so!”

- “Tom R”*, Groomsman, 2016


*- Name changed to protect the identity of the Groomsman from the INSANE bride